Temple Health & Bioscience District

Fostering Temple,TX Health Science Community

Big things are happening in Texas, where companies benefit from highly skilled talent, top tier R&D, and lower operating costs. At the heart of this industry is Temple, Texas, one the fastest-growing cities in the state due to the prevalence of medical companies, hospitals, and industry influence.

Board Election

Your Opinion Matters

THBD is Texas Legislation that addresses and supports the City’s economic growth. The public nonprofit is supported by the city taxpayers.

our board

Governed by Elected Members

Temple’s Health and Bioscience Economic Development District is governed by a seven-member board. The board members are elected by the citizens of Temple and serve staggered three-year terms

THBD Board Member Thomas Baird

Thomas Baird

Baird, Crews, Shiller & Whitaker, P.C.

THBD Board Member Michael Norman

Michael Norman

Chairman of the THBD Board of Directors
CEO and Founder

THBD Board Member Tyler Johnson

Tyler Johnson

Treasurer / Secretary of the THBD Board of Directors
Executive Vice President
Alliance Bank Central Texas

THBD Board Member Gregg Strasburger

Gregg Strasburger

Vice Chairman of the THBD Board of Directors
President of Ancillary Businesses
Strasburger Enterprises

Brian Reinhardt

Extraco Banks
Central Texas South Region

John Kiella

Kiella Real Estate Group

THBD Board Member Jason Lockin

Jason Locklin, Ph.D.

Department Chair & Professor of Biology, Temple College
Temple College Biological Research Institute